• Thanks to its paste character, ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILISATOR H2 can easily be incorporated into ELASTOSIL® R and R plus mixtures on two-roll mills.
  • No impairment of ELASTOSIL® R and R plus grades when dosage recommendations are observed.
  • Compatible with curing agents ELASTOSIL® AUX CURING AGENT C1, C6 and E as well as  ELASTOSIL® AUX BATCH PT 1 and PT 2.

Further information about an improvement of the heat stability by use of specific ELASTOSIL® AUX Heat Stabilizers can be obtained from the Technical Information Sheet "ELASTOSIL® AUX Stabilizers H" or the latest edition of our brochures.  

Spezifische Merkmale von ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILISATOR H2

  • Additiv
  • hitzebeständig

ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILIZERs H are used to extend the service life of silicone elastomers at temperatures above 170 °C. The maximum recommended service temperature for use ofELASTOSIL® AUX STABILISATOR H2 is 250 °C.

ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILIZER H2 is incorporated into ELASTOSIL® R and R plus high-consistency rubber using common mixing techniques. Good results are obtained by incorporating the curing agent at the same time.

The recommended dosage of ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILIZER H2 is 2 %. Increasing the recommended dosage does usually not further improve the heat resistance of the compound. At high concentrations of ELASTOSIL® AUX STABILIZER H2 a slightly decrease in hardness values may be observed for compounds of silicone bases with high Shore A hardness values.

For detailed information please refer to the latest edition of our brochure "SOLID AND LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER - MATERIAL AND PROCESSING GUIDELINES".

Verpackung / Gebinde

This product is available in 1.5 kg can and 30 kg pail.


Please store the cardboard boxes in a dry and cool place; not exceeding temperatures >30°C for longer periods of time. Already opened boxes should be tightly closed again to avoid any contamination and sunlight exposure.

The “Best use before end” date of each batch is shown on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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