E-Procurement - Wacker Chemie AG




WACKER optimizes its purchasing procedures with efficient electronic solutions.

Supplier Registration

Do you want to register as a reliable supplier at WACKER? If yes, please use our easy-to-use online supplier registration process. Simply provide the following information about your company:

  • Address + D-U-N-S® number
  • Regions in which you do business
  • Contact person
  • Material groups on offer (eCl@ass code)

Once the registration is complete, your data will be forwarded directly to your designated WACKER purchaser.

Please remember that registration requires your D&B D-U-N-S® number. If you don't have a D-U-N-S® number, you can request a free one via the following link: http://www.upik.de/en/start.html

In registering, you indicate your acceptance of the principles underlying the UN's Global Compact. For details of this UN initiative, visit http://www.unglobalcompact.org

Contact for existing suppliers

If you are already a WACKER supplier, but don't have your designated purchaser's current contact details available, you can request the desired information anytime via the link shown below.


WACKER primarily relies on the REQUISITE and E-AUCTIONHOUSE tools for ordering and sourcing.
Relatively inexpensive orders can be fully automated by linking internal and external eCatalogs to the in-house R/3 system via EBP. For suppliers, this link takes place via differently defined interfaces for the REQUISITE internal catalog and the external catalog. In both cases, the process chain will only be optimum if the materials are classified according to eClass 5.1. For detailed information on both alternatives (internal/external), please send us an e-mail .

E-AUCTIONHOUSE is used by purchasing departments for online contracting announcements and auctions. You can make use of this platform as a supplier – provided that you have an internet connection that we can use to e-mail you about upcoming contracting announcements and auctions.