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South Korea

Ulsant Plant

Located in Seongam-dong Nam-gu, Ulsan, a major industrial city in the south-east of South Korea 350 km from the capital Seoul, WACKER's Ulsan production site is specialized in vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions for waterborne adhesives. Back in 1998, Air Products Korea acquired the emulsion business originally operated by Tae Young Chemical Corporation since 1993. The production facilities changed hands again to Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc. in 2008. Its major product, VINNAPAS® VAE copolymer dispersions, is extensively applied in adhesives, coatings and engineering fabrics. WACKER Ulsan has earned a good reputation in the industry for its outstanding performance and spotless safety & green management.

Facts & Figures about the Site
Location Seongam-dong Nam-gu, Ulsan, in south-east South Korea
Products Dispersible powders and dispersions


Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc.

34, Yongyeon-ro, Nam-gu
Ulsan-si 44784
South Korea
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