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Eddyville, Iowa


Eddyville Plant

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS’ Eddyville site has proven indispensable in manufacturing this business division’s biotech products. Since the early 1980s, WACKER has emphasized research and development of cyclodextrins (ring-shaped sugar molecules), and is a global market leader in this segment.

Since 1999, innovative cyclodextrins have been produced in the Eddyville facilities built by WACKER. Cyclodextrins often serve as stabilizers and carriers in pharmaceutical applications and in the life science industry. The Eddyville plant takes advantage of being in the heart of corn country; proximity to this key raw material facilitates the production of cyclodextrins.

Like all WACKER sites, the Eddyville plant observes global chemical industry Responsible Care® guidelines and boasts a comprehensive quality & safety program.

Facts & Figures about the Site
Location 120 km south-east of Des Moines (Iowa state-capital),
approx. 500 km south-west of Chicago, USA
Area 145,000 m²
Employees Approx. 20 (Dec 31, 2011)
Products Cyclodextrins


Wacker Chemical Corporation

1 Wacker Drive
Eddyville, IA 52553
United States
Phone: +1 641 969-4817
Fax: +1 641 969-4929