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Facts & Figures

Burghausen Site

Powder Towers Burghausen

Business Divisions and Companies at the Site

All of WACKER's business divisions have production facilities at the Burghausen site. Beside WACKER, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG and Siltronic AG operate at the site, too.

Trainees in the BBIW training centre burghausen


WACKER plays a leading role in Bavaria’s vocational training sector. For decades, special attention has been paid to basic and advanced vocational training. The Burghausen Vocational Training Center (BBiW) – a Wacker Chemie AG foundation – offers numerous initial and advanced vocational training options in the fields of chemistry/physics, metal work and electrical engineering, as well as in commercial subjects. This high-level basic and advanced training guarantees quality and secures the site's future.

Raw Materials

Four main raw materials form the basis for production at the site today: metallurgical-grade silicon, methanol, ethylene, acetic acid and rock salt. Over 3,000 different products are manufactured from these and other raw and auxiliary materials.

Burghausen Polysilicon

Integrated Silicon-Based Production System

The integrated silicon-based production system is one of the site's key strengths. The system is based on the principle of multiple usage of products and raw materials in a network of optimized material loops. Our researchers and technical experts closely investigate the potential suitability of by-products obtained during one production process as feedstocks for parallel production processes. This saves energy and cuts resource consumption, too.

Burghausen Power House
Gas-and-Steam-Turbine Power Plant


The site consumes around 3,000 GWh of electricity per year*, comparable to a city the size of Regensburg, southern Germany. The Alzwerke power plant – Germany’s largest industrial hydroelectric plant – produces an annual 270 GWh of electricity in an environmentally compatible manner. A state-of-the-art gas-and-steam-turbine power plant (also referred to as a combined heat and power (CHP) plant) covers most of the site's remaining electricity demand.

burghausen logistics


Every year, some one million metric tons* of WACKER products are shipped from the Burghausen site via rail and road. A modern logistics center with a container terminal and direct rail link enables the integration of storage and distribution processes for efficient transportation.

Our Voluntary Commitments at the Site

  • High product and service quality is the primary goal.
  • Our strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction is essential to our success.
  • Safety, health and environmental protection are also of paramount importance.
  • We are utterly committed to the principles of sustainable development and Responsible Care®, as well as to national and international standards. WACKER's Integrated Management System (IMS) forms the basis for this.

* Data as per 2017

Wacker Chemie AG

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