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Milestones in the History of WACKER

A company’s history is shaped by diverse factors. The socio-political and economic landscape is, of course, important. But the decisive factor is the company's inner strength.
Research, expansion and realignment require courage and a willingness to invest. Only time can tell whether management decisions were right – and WACKER’s history clearly supports our forward-looking strategy for lasting success.

History intro
1903 Founding of the Consortium für elektrochemische Industrie GmbH
1914 Founding of Wacker-Chemie GmbH on October 13
1916/17 First ever large-scale production of acetaldehyde, acetic acid and acetone
Burghausen 1920
Burghausen 1920
1922 Method for producing acetic anhydride via ketene (cellulose acetate)
1924 Leasing of the salt mine in Stetten near Haigerloch, Germany, to secure raw materials supply (subsequently acquired in 1960).
Start of production of polyvinyl alcohol and manufacture of first all-synthetic fibers therefrom
1928 First large-scale production of vinyl acetate and polyvinyl acetate
Burghausen 1930
Burghausen 1930
1935 Patent application for suspension method of manufacturing polyvinyl chloride
1947 Start of work in the field of silicones
1953 Start of hyperpure silicon production
1957 Direct oxidation of ethylene to acetaldehyde
1965 Founding of Wacker Chemical Corporation, New York
1966 Start of production of copolymers based on vinyl acetate/ethylene
1968 Burghausen plant switches from acetylene to ethylene as raw materials base.
Founding of Wacker-Chemitronic Gesellschaft für Elektronik-Grundstoffe mbH, Burghausen, Germany (now Siltronic AG)
Silicon wafers 1968
Polishing hyperpure silicon wafers (1968)
1978 Founding of Wacker Siltronic Corporation, Portland/Oregon, USA
1983 Founding of Wacker Chemicals East Asia Ltd., Tokyo
1987 Founding of Wacker Silicones Corporation, Adrian/Michigan, USA
1990 Commissioning of biotech pilot plant in Burghausen
1991 HQ moves to new premises in the Neuperlach area of Munich
new-old Headquarters 1991
1993 Spin-off of VC and PVC activities as Vinnolit Kunststoff GmbH
1995 Acquisition of the hyperpure silicon activities of Freiberger Elektronikwerkstoffe (FEW)
1996 Conversion of Wacker Siltronic into a stock company (Wacker Siltronic AG)
1998 Founding of Wacker Polymer Systems GmbH & Co. KG.
Acquisition of the silicone activities of the Hüls Group in Nünchritz, Saxony, Germany
1999 Start of cyclodextrins production in Eddyville, Iowa, USA.
Startup of production of 200-mm hyperpure wafer fab in Singapore.
Founding of Wacker Asahikasei Silicone (joint venture with Asahi Chemical Industry, Japan)
Eddyville 1999
Wacker Biochem’s cyclodextrin plant in Eddyville, Iowa (USA)
2000 Withdrawal from PVC business, sale of Vinnolit Kunststoff GmbH to Advent Int. Corp.
2002 Expansion of Siltronic’s site in Freiberg: new 300-mm-wafer production line
2003 Consortium für elektrochemische Industrie celebrates 100 years of research.
2004 Commissioning of a production plant for silicone emulsions in Shanghai.
Salt mine in Stetten celebrates 150 years.
Sale of ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG to American ceramics producer Ceradyne Inc.
Burghausen 2004
Burghausen 2004
2005 WACKER acquires the Jena-based biotech company ProThera GmbH. ProThera changes name to Wacker Biotech GmbH.
WACKER acquires polymers business of the Chinese chemicals producer Wuxi Xinda Fine Chemical Co. Ltd.
Launch of a Spray Dryer in China
WACKER and China’s Dymatic Chemicals Inc. found joint ventures for production and marketing of silicones products.
Conversion of Wacker-Chemie GmbH into a stock company (Wacker Chemie AG)
2006 Joint venture with Dow Corning to produce raw materials for silicone production in China
2006 WACKER launches successful IPO
2007 WACKER acquires Air Products’ shareholding in Joint Venture for construction polymers
2008 Siltronic and Samsung start producing 300 millimeter wafers in Singapore
2009 At Nanjing, WACKER starts up China’s largest dispersible polymer powder plant
2010 Commissioning of additional silicon production facilities in Burghausen
Opening of the largest integrated silicone manufacturing site in Zhanjiagang, China with our joint-venture partner, Dow Corning.
Acquisition of silicon-metal plant in Holla, Norway
2011 WACKER receives Frost & Sullivan Europe’s “New Product Innovation Award in Construction Sealants” for the GENIOSIL® α-STP-E product range.
2012 The new headquarters for the Greater China region opens in Shanghai.
After alpha-cyclodextrin, gamma-cyclodextrin also receives EU approval as a “novel food” ingredient.
2013 WACKER labs succeed in manufacturing a highly-bioavailable formulation of curcumin, allowing easier processing of the CAVAMAX® W8 complex in dietary supplements and functional beverages.
The new production plant for vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions in Nanjing doubles local production capacity to 120,000 metric tons per year.
2014 Siltronic takes a majority stake in its Siltronic Samsung Wafer Pte. Ltd. joint venture.
Wacker Chemie AG celebrates its centennial on October 13.
2015 IPO of Siltronic AG
2016 Commissioning of the production site in the US state of Tennessee

100 Years of WACKER

The foundations for Wacker Chemie AG were laid on October 13, 1914 when the company “Dr. Alexander Wacker, Gesellschaft für elektrochemische Industrie, KG” was registered in Traunstein. In 2014, the WACKER Group celebrated the centennial of its founding….

WACKER Chronicle

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