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WACKER Launches Company Bike Leasing Model

Munich, Nov 21, 2017

In the future, WACKER will be offering employees at its German sites the option of leasing bicycles through the “JobRad” scheme. “With this initiative, we want to further contribute to sustainability and environmentally sound travel,” says Dr. Christian Hartel, Wacker Chemie AG Executive Board member and Personnel Director. According to him, the significance of bicycles as a clean and environmentally friendly mode of transport, which simultaneously offers the user health benefits, has risen considerably in recent years.

With the company bike leasing model, WACKER not only offers its employees a mobility concept with a low environmental impact. The initiative is also aimed at encouraging employees to participate in more health-promoting exercise. The bikes are for both business and private use.

The lease installments are paid via so-called salary sacrifice; the lease term is 36 months. The lease payment includes insurance and an annual inspection. WACKER subsidizes each bike with €5 per month. The initiative will be launched at the German sites on December 1, 2017. According to Manfred Köppl, chairman of the employee council in Burghausen, staff interest in this new model has been consistently high now for months.

Many WACKER employees already use bikes. At the Burghausen site, the company maintains a fleet of around 6,000 bicycles; the Nünchritz site has a fleet of around 950 bicycles. Furthermore, WACKER has been participating in the “Cycle to Work” campaign in Germany for two years now.


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