Management - Wacker Chemie AG


Founded on a vision and goals, our strategy is an appreciation of what we aspire to achieve. Our focus is on profitable growth and securing a leading competitive position in most of our business fields. The fact that we have made sustainability one of our strategic goals emphasizes its importance.

Alongside our vision and goals, our business principles represent the third pillar of our corporate policy guidelines. These principles – laid down in five corporate codes – govern how the Group should achieve its objectives. The five codes are the Code of Safety, the Code of Conduct, the Code of Innovation, the Code of Teamwork & Leadership, and the Code of Sustainability. The codes are supplemented by a body of regulations and directives.

Two voluntary global initiatives form the basis for sustainable corporate management at WACKER: the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative and the UN’s Global Compact. WACKER has been an active member of the Responsible Care® initiative since 1991. Program participants undertake to continually improve health, safety and environmental performance on a voluntary basis – even in the absence of statutory requirements.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2017/2018

WACKER’s Sustainability Report explains how the Group strikes a balance between economic aspects and environmental and social responsibility.