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Global Compact

Improving the Quality of Life

In April 2006, WACKER’s Executive Board sent a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan confirming the WACKER Group’s participation in the Global Compact. This worldwide initiative seeks to boost collaborations between the United Nations, business and social organizations. Their common goal is to steer globalization toward improving the quality of peoples’ lives all around the world.

WACKER belongs to a group of companies that not only promotes Responsible Care®, but also participates in the UN’s Global Compact. WACKER’s efforts simultaneously encompass both Responsible Care® and the Global Compact’s environmental principles.

By signing the Global Compact, companies voluntarily commit themselves to ten principles of human rights and to social and environmental standards. In addition, they vow to incorporate and implement anti-corruption measures in their corporate policy, and to report on their progress.

WACKER’s participation in the Global Compact serves to promote sustainable development and spread environmental standards. A key joint goal of Global Compact participants is to steer globalization toward improving the quality of peoples’ lives all around the world.

Irrespective of the Global Compact, all WACKER employees are already obligated to observe the social and ethical standards described in the ten principles, to obey the law and to exercise environmental responsibility. These obligations are set out in our corporate guidelines and Code of Conduct – and have long shaped our thoughts and actions.

Companies participating in the UN initiative are expected to publicly proclaim their commitment to the Global Compact and its principles – integrating these into their strategies, culture and daily activities. Furthermore, they are to issue annual progress reports about specific action they have taken to implement the ten principles.

WACKER supports the Global Compact’s ten objectives through diverse activities – here are a few examples:

  • Environmental protection: WACKER integrates environmental protection into new production plants and processes – starting as early as the planning stage – while measuring and continually improving the environmental performance of its products and sites. The Sustainability Report is one of the ways in which the company documents these efforts.
  • Equal opportunity (diversity): As a global company, WACKER operates in a multi-faceted, multi-cultural and international environment. We see diversity as enrichment: WACKER fosters a company culture of open-mindedness and mutual respect in dealings amongst its employees, and rejects all forms of discrimination at work. It offers initiatives and programs to achieve work-family balance and equal opportunities for men and women.
  • Job security: During economic downturns or organizational restructuring, WACKER – in collaboration with employee representatives – exploits every opportunity to preserve jobs.
  • Health protection and industrial safety: WACKER supplies its employees with personal protective equipment to safeguard them when dealing with hazardous materials. Technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure the safety of employees in all work processes. WACKER’s health promotion activities motivate employees to behave in a health-conscious way.
  • The WACKER RELIEF FUND: This purpose of this charitable organization is to fund relief projects following accidents and unforeseen events. For example, the fund continues to sponsor the reconstruction and maintenance of Sri Lankan schools and vocational training facilities destroyed by the 2004 tsunami disaster. WACKER’s relief fund also supports projects in China, Haiti, Nepal and Pakistan.
  • Helping neighbors: Within the scope of an initiative begun in 2005, employees at WACKER Greater China engage in various charitable activities, such as promoting education at schools and universities, and aiding medical relief campaigns.
  • Bavarian Education Pact: As a founding member of this initiative, WACKER is committed to modern teaching methods and school management at Bavarian high schools. Moreover, WACKER supports students through a number of different activities, including the Young Scientists competition and the CHEM2DO® experiment kit.
  • Support for higher education: WACKER promotes university education through a variety of initiatives. In partnership with the Technical University of Munich, WACKER founded the Institute for Silicon Chemistry in Garching near Munich in 2006. The institute, home to the WACKER-endowed Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry, focuses its research on organofunctional silicon compounds and silicones.

Global Compact, Progress Report 2018

WACKER has embraced the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, which are now firmly anchored in our company’s policy. Read our 2019 Progress Report