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WACKER needs committed and skilled workers if it is to remain innovative and competitive. We offer our employees an optimal foundation for exploiting their potential and continuing to develop their skills – beginning with vocational training all the way to a variety of advanced training options. We offer training and incentive programs for each qualification and career move.

Vocational training is the first step of personnel development at WACKER. Training takes place at the Burghausen, Nünchritz, Freiberg and Munich sites in Germany. The principal facility is the Burghausen Vocational Training Center (BBiW) established by WACKER. The BBiW offers not only initial/advanced vocational training and retraining to young people, but also courses for experienced staff.

WACKER will remain innovative and competitive as long as it has highly skilled employees, which is why we offer all our employees opportunities for additional training. Personnel development at WACKER both seeks to cultivate employees’ strengths and targets specific groups. We encourage our employees to never stop the learning process and to remain open to change – also with a view to the reality of adjusting to a longer work-life.

Another focus of our personnel-development activities is on identifying and preparing young management potential. What is more, we continually develop the skills of our current managerial staff. WACKER has designed a new talent-management process. The aim of the initiative is to identify employee skills early on and foster employee potential, so that WACKER can fill important positions with highly-qualified in-house candidates in the medium and long term. We use a wide range of tools for developing managerial staff, ranging from company-specific, internal group programs, to individual initiatives such as coaching or team development, all the way to outside advanced-training courses.

As a global company, WACKER operates in international markets and multicultural environments. Holding each employee’s skills and dedication in high regard, we are convinced that diversity and inclusion enhance our company’s performance. We view human diversity as an asset. We oppose discriminatory or derogatory treatment on account of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, disability, sexual orientation or age. These principles are valid across the WACKER Group and, as part of our corporate culture, are embodied in our Code of Teamwork & Leadership.

WACKER hires new employees and executives solely on the basis of their qualifications. Equal treatment applies to both men and women at WACKER. It goes without saying that we treat all employees equally, regardless of their gender.

Globalization, demographic change and new regulatory requirements are making diversity and inclusion increasingly important issues. In 2015, WACKER started a groupwide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce. The company joined the German nationwide Diversity Charter initiative. WACKER Germany is focusing on gender, age/experience and cultural background.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2017/2018

WACKER’s Sustainability Report explains how the Group strikes a balance between economic aspects and environmental and social responsibility.