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Companies can only be commercially successful if they are trusted by society, which is why we take our social responsibilities seriously, especially in communities near our sites. Training young people in the natural sciences is especially important to us, because we will need dedicated scientists and engineers if we are to remain competitive. Charitable and outreach projects to help children and young people represent another pillar of our social commitment, while the WACKER relief fund (WACKER HILFSFONDS) provides support to victims of natural disasters and helps rebuild devastated regions. As part of our social commitment, we seek enduring partnerships, preferring to invest in long-term projects.

WACKER sees itself as a corporate citizen, and corporate citizenship begins with a good relationship with one’s neighbors. For WACKER that means being open about what goes on behind the plant gates. With hotlines and central contact persons available, residents living near our sites around the world can turn to us with their concerns and receive fast, clear answers to their questions.

WACKER attaches considerable importance to fostering young scientific talent and maintaining close contacts with universities. Our researchers are frequently invited to give presentations and guest lectures at universities, and university groups visit our sites for an inside look at work in an industrial corporation. WACKER offers students plant jobs and internships, as well as opportunities to write doctoral theses and papers for bachelor’s and other degree programs.

In accordance with our code of conduct, we are committed to responsibility and integrity – including in our dealings with political parties and non-governmental organizations. We represent our political interests in a way that is consistent with the positions we have expressed publicly. In our work with political entities, we focus on concrete issues and are open to dialog with any democratic parties.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2017/2018

WACKER’s Sustainability Report explains how the Group strikes a balance between economic aspects and environmental and social responsibility.