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Integrated Solutions

Automated simplicity.

We simplify your life: regardless of how you order, via EDI or email, thanks to Integrated Solutions, we see that all data and volumes are automatically transferred via ELEMICA, the chemical industry’s transaction network. Reliable, safe, fast and paperless.

Irrespective of which ERP system you use, ELEMICA ensures that different systems are compatible and can be linked, allowing you to place and edit orders, view invoices and check delivery notifications. All in one, around the clock. In addition, you automatically receive confirmation of orders and delivery. That way you always know when goods will arrive.


Effortless order processes and checks are possible thanks to our QuickLink system. Automation using ELEMICA means you can use your own ERP system and simply place orders by email. This reduces processing time, minimizes transmission errors, makes faxes and printouts unnecessary – and you automatically receive detailed order confirmation. QuickLink makes orders safer, more efficient and faster.

EDI solutions – for electronic data exchange

WACKER speaks your language – also digitally. We ensure that you can use your existing EDI solution when contacting us. In addition to ELEMICA, we offer a range of standardized EDI data formats and connection options.

Simple and uncomplicated usage offers you many advantages:

  • No more transmission errors
  • Paperless, electronic order management
  • Link to own ERP system
  • Order around the clock, 365 days a year, wherever you are
  • Electronic confirmation and shipment notification

If you are curious and would like to join countless WACKER customers in profiting from Integrated Solutions, simply contact your advisor or our business team online.



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