Research & Development - Wacker Chemie AG

Research & Development

With a strong focus on R&D, WACKER is a highly research-intensive company that supplies an innovative momentum for products and applications designed to improve people’s quality of life and to conserve the environment and resources. Our technology can be found in countless products, from baby pacifiers, digital cameras and electric motors, not to mention adhesives, food products and medical engineering, right through to photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and external thermal insulation composite systems.

The Future Starts Today

Knowledge about what the world will be like in the future is gained by thinking about it today. Our researchers act on this principle. Future-oriented products emerge from their ideas: for example, a wafer-thin precision film made from silicone for energy-efficient wave farms...

Paths to Innovation

Annual Report 2011

WACKER sees innovation as an important lever for profitable growth. When creativity is pointed in the right direction, many developments soon result in successful business activities...