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Innovation Shapes the Future

Technology management at WACKER is explicitly oriented to the requirements of the customers and markets. This also includes the early technical and economical understanding of forward-looking technologies and future markets across the whole value-creation chain and the development of solutions based on the core competencies of WACKER. This secures long-term growth, competitiveness and forward-looking capabilities for us and our customers.

The most important decision in this regard is to start the right projects at the right time and to provide them with the right resources. On this basis, we can provide the right answers to the global challenges of our time. Our focus is mainly on technologies for regenerative energy generation and optimized energy storage as well as efficient use and sustainable conservation of raw materials and further developments for a healthy and sustainable life.

Metabolic engineering uses an enzymatic method to manufacture natural materials in a reproducible manner and therefore, as with cysteine, making the use of animal-based raw materials no longer necessary.

With the development of new silicone encapsulation compounds for LED light sources, we are supporting energy saving measures in lighting. LED lights manufactured in this manner require up to 80% less energy than normal light bulbs.

With the development of VAE polymer-based external thermal insulation composite systems we are contributing to building insulation and therefore to reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions for heating purposes.

The development of new qualities of polysilicon and the improvement of the manufacturing processes are essential factors in reducing the production costs of solar cells and increasing the competitiveness of producing electricity from solar power.

Paths to Innovation

Annual Report 2011

WACKER sees innovation as an important lever for profitable growth. When creativity is pointed in the right direction, many developments soon result in successful business activities...