Innovation is methodical - Wacker Chemie AG

Innovation is methodical


Innovation begins with questions. WACKER supplies the answers to these questions with the help of researchers and developers on five continents. Coordinating global activities requires a clearly structured project and portfolio management. This methodology results in awards for sustainable innovation management, excellent product developments and numerous patents.

From Theory to Solution

Research has always been held in high regard at WACKER. With our high R&D quotient we are one of the most research-intensive chemical companies in the world. Through the specialized cooperation with over 25 global research facilities, the foundation of the chair for silicon chemistry at the Technical University of Munich and the establishment of higher-education management at WACKER, we are accenting our extensive commitment to Corporate Research & Development.

From the Basics to User-Oriented Research

All research activities are integrally managed by Corporate Research & Development and focus on two core areas: corporate research with basic and product research to develop forward-looking fields and the research departments in the the WACKER business divisions for market and application-oriented research.

Our innovation portfolio management is based on the Group’s innovation strategy and is used to derive the project portfolio. This ensures the competitiveness of ideas, objective monitoring of the projects' development and success and that we are using our resources for the right purposes.

Technology Management researches, analyses and promotes new potentials in high-growth and highly-profitable markets in close coordination with our core competencies.

From the Idea to the Market-Ready Product

Our research and development activities focus on two elementary aspects, process innovations and product innovations. But a good idea is not enough. Developing an innovation by far does not result in an effective process or a market-ready product. Before we start a new project, we evaluate it intensively for customer use, sales potential, profitability and technology position. Innovations in processes are just as important to continuously improve them and make them more economical. At WACKER, innovation is methodical and therefore makes a decisive contribution to the sustainable success of the company and our customers.

Facts & Figures

  • WACKER invests 3.5% of sales in research and development
  • About 24% of our sales are of new products (not older than five years)
  • In 2011, there were more than 200 R&D projects at WACKER
  • Central R&D concentrates about 80% of resources on future technologies and new products
  • International awards for sustainable innovation management and excellent innovations and patents
  • Intensive cooperation with 25 international research institutes and foundation of a chair for silicon chemistry at the Technical University of Munich