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How do you become a supplier?

Quality is WACKER’s top priority, which is why we expect our suppliers to be among the best in their fields, to hold up well when compared to international competitors and to pursue ongoing development. Our suppliers support us with their innovative products and reliable services, with their punctual deliveries and with prices that reflect market conditions. In return, we offer a fair, long-term partnership benefiting both participants

Would you like to apply to be a WACKER supplier? If you meet our general supplier requirements, please sign in with our online supplier registration service. More information on this service is provided at the end of this text.

General supplier requirements


  • Compliance with the principles and values set down in the Wacker Chemie AG Code of Conduct is a basic requirement for all business relations with WACKER.
  • WACKER is dedicated to implementing the Global Compact principles of protecting human rights, fostering social and environmental standards and fighting corruption. This means that we expect compliance with Global Compact principles from you as well.
  • WACKER maintains open communication lines with its partners, and we would like you to do the same.

Technology and cost leadership

  • Innovative potential and cost leadership are central elements of our business practices, which is why we prefer suppliers who are “best in class.”
  • We award contracts based on the total cost of ownership.
  • As our supplier, you will help us continuously improve our supply chains.

Solid financial basis

  • Successful suppliers help us secure our own success, which is why it is essential for your business to be on solid footing. In return, you will benefit from having a powerful partner with stable finances.

Superior reliability and quality

  • Reliable quality is the fundamental requirement of the products and services provided by all of our suppliers. We also expect absolute reliability when it comes to compliance with terms and conditions, delivery deadlines and any other contractually agreed upon issues.
  • This applies to products and services provided at all WACKER sites, regardless of the specific site with which you have concluded a given contract.

Continuous improvement

  • Being our supplier makes you a key factor in WACKER’s ability to compete, and you bear considerable responsibility for this competitive success.
  • We appreciate open, constructive dialog with you, and as part of this collaboration, we would hope that you will create efficient internal structures and processes. In particular, these include cost-reduction and workflow-optimization goals formulated in collaboration with WACKER.
  • We encourage our suppliers to suggest improvements and will share any tangible benefits with you.


  • Electronic systems help ensure smooth, optimized procurement process handling. As such, we expect you to be willing to use these systems.
  • For Raw Materials Procurement this means becoming a member of ELEMICA or signing up with our SAP self-service order transmission system for suppliers.
  • For Technical Procurement it is important that partners have the opportunity to use e-commerce tools such as electronic catalogs for developing their business relationships.
  • We expect you to confirm contracts electronically, to participate in the credit note system and, in general, to use largely paperless processes.

Strategic contact for our procurement segments

  • To ensure smooth communication and functional processes, we would like you to provide our procurement organization with a strategic contact person (the “one face to customer” philosophy). This will ease discussion and decision-making both on a regional and on a global level.
  • To us, a fair, open partnership means early communication of and/or information on strategically relevant changes and developments within your company.

Do you meet these requirements? If you do, we would be happy for you to submit your application as a WACKER supplier using our online supplier registration system.

To register, we will need the following information about your company:

  • Company address and D-U-N-S®number
  • Company website
  • Regions in which your company operates
  • Name of contact person
  • Material groups offered (using eCI@ss system designations)

Once the registration process is complete, your data will be forwarded directly to the appropriate WACKER purchasing agent.

Please note the following: Including your D&B D-U-N-S®number with your registration is mandatory. If you do not yet have a D-U-N-S®number, you may obtain one at no cost by clicking the following link: .

By registering, you accept the principles of the UN Global Compact. More detailed information on the UN Global Compact initiative is available online at .