Supplier Portal - Wacker Chemie AG

Supplier Portal

We want to structure communications with our partners as effectively as possible. This is why we offer suppliers two simple ways to receive and confirm orders electronically.

  • We recommend the SAP-SUS portal for suppliers with a great deal of order line items. To do so, you log on with your specified user name and password in the SAP-SUS portal and access all orders and order confirmations online.
  • In addition to SAP-SUS portal, WACKER offers you the opportunity to easily receive and confirm orders via the Supplier-Traffic portal. This solution is particularly suitable for suppliers with a low order volume. Suppliers do not need a user name and password to access their orders. Instead, each new order includes a link with direct access to the specific order.

WACKER's purchasers responsible would be pleased to help you determine which option would suit you best.


WACKER uses SAP-SUS for the internet-based transmission of orders to suppliers. When we send an order for you via the supplier portal, you receive an automatically generated email with the note of a new order, after which you log on with your user name and password. Here, you have immediate and concise access to all data online and can confirm or change, if necessary, the delivery date or quantity. These changes are automatically transferred to WACKER's SAP system via an interface. Changes first take effect when they are accepted by the purchaser responsible. The order confirmation is noted in the order. Thus, the system enables automatic deadline monitoring of unconfirmed orders.

Supplier-Traffic Portal

WACKER's Supplier-Traffic portal provides paperless transmission of orders to suppliers and enables the automatic confirmation of orders by suppliers without media disruptions. Thus, orders and order confirmation no longer need to be faxed or mailed which saves paper and time.

As part of the Supplier-Traffic process, you receive an email with a link including "one-time account" which allows you to confirm an order just once. Subsequent changes by suppliers are not possible. However, you can view confirmed orders up to 60 days prior to the delivery deadline. In the Supplier-Traffic portal, you can confirm the delivery date, quantity and, if already agreed, the price. Order confirmation is then automatically transferred to WACKER's SAP system.