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Invoicing via Email

Following the adoption of the Tax Simplification Act, Section 14, Subsections 1 and 3 of German VAT (sales tax) law (UStG) have been redrafted to amend the VAT regulations applying to electronic invoicing. Compared to the old legal situation, this has resulted in a significant reduction in the requirements for transmitting electronic invoices. In future, electronic invoices and paper invoices will be treated identically as regards VAT regulations in Germany. With the change in the law, the latitude of the current VAT directive (MwStSystRL) will be utilized and, at the same time, the two types of transmission will be put on an equal basis, as became necessary from 2013 onwards.

WACKER, too, makes use of these new invoicing opportunities, and gives its suppliers the option to submit invoices by email. This process gives both sides the possibility to minimize manual input, save process costs and thereby simplify the invoicing process.

Suppliers who would like to register for the process can contact us via the link below. The purchasing team will make contact with you as soon as possible.