Crediting - Wacker Chemie AG


The crediting procedure is an efficient process for automatic settlement of incoming goods. For automatic incoming-goods settlement (ERS = Evaluated Receipt Settlement), an agreement is made with the creditor that the creditor does not send invoices to WACKER for each order. Instead, a credit voucher is automatically booked based on the data from the order and incoming goods. The credit voucher is transmitted to the supplier either electronically with digital signature or by mail. The incoming goods can be the result of activities performed due to service orders.

Advantages of the crediting procedure for our suppliers:

  • No mailing of paper invoices
  • No paper or postage costs
  • Significant reduction of reminders
  • On-time payment of incoming goods
  • Faster and timely information in cases of differences
  • Simplification of the summary of monthly deduction of VAT via existing credits