Automated Incoming Goods - Wacker Chemie AG

Automated Incoming Goods

To simplify the process of booking incoming goods and of managing internal shipping, WACKER uses a bar code that automates the booking.

Our suppliers print a bar code on the delivery notes that are read by a scanner at WACKER's centralized incoming goods department and booked directly in the SAP system as incoming goods.

WACKER offers two possibilities and the supplier can choice between PDF 417 and a QR Code.

The advantage of a two-dimensional bar code compared to other line and bar codes is that it can convey a great deal of information. This is necessary for a large number of items per order so that all required data can also be encrypted. By scanning the delivery note's code at WACKER's centralized incoming goods department, the order number is booked in SAP incoming goods and the WACKER-internal route planning is initiated for delivery of the goods.