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Foam Jackets for Steel Columns

Protection via Volume

Fire Test on Steel: Figure 1: steel column without intumescent coating

In VINNAPAS® EZ 3112, the WACKER experts have also managed to comply with the increasingly stringent sustainability requirements – the new binder does not contain plasticizers and is produced without alkylphenol ethoxylate-containing materials. A further plus for the environment is that the dispersion is not based on organic solvents, but rather water-based. “And the market for water-based fire protection coatings could grow significantly in the next several years,” estimates Hennemann.

Not only in the event of fire must a binder fulfill its purpose. Coatings firms usually store fire protection coatings for long periods. “The viscosity must not change during the period in storage, i.e. the product must remain stable,” stresses WACKER expert Huster. “Thanks to our new binder, products will remain stable even when stored at elevated ambient temperatures.”

Figure 2: steel column with intumescent coating

Nearly all countries specify that steel structures – whether they be all-glass, see-through exhibition halls or towering office blocks – must satisfy certain criteria governing the length of time they have to be able to resist fire. In Germany, “F 30” means that a load-bearing steel structure must be able to withstand a fire, i.e. heat, for at least 30 minutes under standard conditions. “The thinner the steel cross-section, the thicker the fireproof coating must be to achieve the required fire rating. Nowadays, intumescent formulations are capable of achieving an F rating of two hours and longer,” says Clariant's Hennemann.

VINNAPAS® EZ 3112 is just one example of WACKER helping to ensure that steel structures withstand fires for precious extra minutes that could save lives.