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Ready for Africa

Cross-section through a facade painted with silicone resin emulsion paint: the silicone resin binder forms a three-dimensional network – the silicone-resin network. Stable silicon-oxygen bonds (blue) form the backbone on which organic groups act as umbrellas (yellow). They are responsible for the water-repellent effect, providing the coated facade with hydrophobic and weathering-resistant properties.

Efficient and Durable

They also outperform other paints in terms of the cost-benefit ratio. The savings here are important not only for individual property developers, but also at a macroeconomic level. In Europe, house painters, planners and property developers have been successfully using silicone resin emulsion paints for over 50 years because of their unique performance. They coat more than a million exterior walls all over Europe. “Many of these haven’t needed repainting in over 20 years,” says Hock. The longer intervals between renovations offset the slightly higher price of these exterior paints.

Silicone resin emulsion paints are now set to slash building maintenance costs in Kenya, while simultaneously defying the extreme weather. Rakesh Rao, managing director of Crown Paints, has no doubts: “This is another major milestone for us. With the support of WACKER, we have developed the best product for the local market.”

The WACKER experts also helped to train the 500 Crown Paints employees who work in customer support and sales. Word of their expertise and the good reputation enjoyed by silicone resin emulsion paints has spread far and wide. “We’re already working with other customers in South and East Africa on custom solutions for regional markets,” explains Hock.