A Brand Name Synonymous with Innovation - Wacker Chemie AG

A Brand Name Synonymous with Innovation

Airbags that are coated with silicone rubber grades deploy more uniformly. They also feature superior aging resistance and guarantee the required service life.

Silicone rubbers are flexible at low temperatures and resistant to heat and aging (UV, ozone and radiation). They are easy to process and have good mechanical properties that remain unchanged over a wide temperature range. Moreover, they have a neutral taste and a low environmental impact. As the properties of the silicone rubbers can be varied within wide limits, developers can tailor them to all kinds of applications and adjust them in response to growing technical requirements – this has been a key factor underpinning the success of the ELASTOSIL® brand. Aside from tried-and-true silicone sealants widely employed throughout the construction industry, the portfolio contains highly specialized rubber grades, such as extremely heat-resistant and high-tear-strength grades. Various self-adhesive, electrically conductive, low-friction and magnetic silicones are also available.

1947 was the year in which WACKER started researching silicones in Burghausen – the first-ever European company to do so.

Versatile Processing

The ELASTOSIL® range has a product to suit nearly every industrial application and every processing method, whether this be extrusion, injection molding or dispensing. Molded parts, profiles and tubing, joint seals, bonded components, coated surfaces and exact reproductions can all be made with silicone rubber.

Their near-to unlimited potential makes ELASTOSIL ® silicone products ideal for applications in a diverse range of industries – such as automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrics, textiles, baby articles, toys, domestic appliances and sports articles, as well as the construction industry.

Semi-retired silicone rubber pioneer Johann Müller is optimistic about ELASTOSIL®’s future, too. “During my active years, I learned about novel applications for ELASTOSIL® from customers almost every week,” he recounts. He believes that more new applications will be discovered over the coming years, too, as he is convinced that “ELASTOSIL® is still a long way from peaking.”