Tailor-Made Insulation - Wacker Chemie AG

Tailor-Made Insulation

A ten-millimeter-thick insulation layer around this pipe is enough to reduce heat losses by around 65 percent.

The sheets of uncured material have the consistency of modeling clay, can be cut with a knife and shaped by hand. As such, the material can be perfectly tailored to plant components with complex shapes and can also be pressed into narrow openings or undercuts. Since the material adheres well to both metal surfaces and itself, pre-cut pieces can be mounted manually and joined together to form a closed cover without the need for adhesive.

Installation of the thermal insulation is correspondingly simple. The fitter takes the measurements, cuts suitable pieces out of the kneadable sheet, places them around the component to be insulated and forms a closed cover out of them. Any joints that are created in the process are sealed by pressing the material together. If the pipe which contains the component that is enveloped in the uncured insulation material is then put into operation, the material cures all by itself – a high operating temperature ensures rapid curing. This creates a thermally insulating molded part that envelops the hot fitting like a custom-made jacket, even in the case of difficult geometrical shapes. The thermal insulation is also quick and easy to dismantle and install again at a later stage – the plant component remains accessible at all times.

Payback in Months

Thanks to the new insulation system, ContiTech customers can now efficiently reduce heat lost by plant components that could previously not be insulated. The costs are modest, while the cost savings can be substantial. “In most cases, the investment pays off within only a few months,” says Dr. Storre with conviction.

ContiTech plans to enhance its insulation system and add new products to it. One target, for example, is to render the material even more heat-resistant. Dr. Storre is also working on developing a material that has a slightly lower viscosity than the modeling-clay-like product. This kind of material could be applied with a trowel. WACKER will support these developments with suitable silicone components, too.