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Painlessly Over the Line

Triathlon - Marathon
Ironman Hawaii, USA

The benefits of ReSkin dressings are provided by two functional layers: the upper layer is made of Lycra® and the second, which is in contact with the skin, is made of soft SILPURAN® silicone from WACKER, an ultrapure silicone that satisfies the high medical requirements imposed. The silicone is very compatible with the skin, has good adhesive properties, can be removed atraumatically, is gas and water-vapor permeable, and is biocompatible.

Production to Own Standard

The special purity is achieved by production to WACKER’s Clean Operation Standard. This means that the A and B components of the silicone rubber are produced in a gray room, i.e. a production zone in which elevated standards of cleanliness apply. The product is filtered and packaged, and then transported into a Class 8 cleanroom.


Watertight, Yet Breathable

“When the two components are mixed together, an addition reaction takes place that doesn't produce any byproducts. The outcome is crosslinked silicone gel,” explains Dr. Andreas Bacher, who runs the applications laboratory for medical silicones at WACKER in Burghausen. Since the addition reaction proceeds at room temperature, the products in the series are classified as room-temperature-vulcanizing, two-component (RTV-2) systems. The quality and biocompatibility of SILPURAN® products are assessed by third-party testing labs against the requirements of USP Class VI and selected ISO 10993 tests.

Rapid Healing

Medical wound dressings such as SPYCRATM PROTECT prevent chafing and lesions in sensitive, aged skin, which is very thin. The silicone dressing acts like a self-adhesive compress and is easy to remove atraumatically. This makes it gentle on the skin. The SPYCRATM CONTACT product series from ReSkin comprises specialty silicone plasters. The polymer layer lies directly on top of the damaged skin, creating a damp milieu that allows the injury to heal faster and prevents scarring. Unlike the case for dry wounds, no scabs are formed that could impede skin cells during wound healing. ReSkin also produces wound dressings for coping with daily tribulations, such as mosquito bites. The silicone products provide immediate cooling, suppressing itchiness and eliminating the urge to scratch. ReSkin products can also prevent or treat foot blisters. The silicone dressings stick to the skin for a long time, do not peel off, and can be reapplied after temporary removal.

Silicone dressings made from SILPURAN® are extremely gentle on the skin because of their high level of purity. This has been confirmed by a clinical trial conducted at the University of Leuven in Belgium which examined the risk of contact allergy to silicone dressings. “Another reason why the dressings have good compatibility is that they are breathable. The small holes in the Lycra® and SILPURAN® fabric allow the sweat to pass through,” explains Haentjens.

At the same time, the skin dressings are also water-impermeable, because silicones and Lycra® are hydrophobic. This water-repellency is a boon for van Lierde when he is competing. “I can swim 3.8 kilometers, cycle 180 kilometers, run a marathon and then take a hot shower, and still the ReSkin dressing won’t have budged,” he says, delighted.