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Mortars for the Millions

Easy to Process

At the technical center in Moscow, lab technicians examine the flow properties of polymer-modified, self-leveling floor and smoothing compounds.

In China, too, more work will be needed before polymer-modified dry-mix mortars become widely established. The advantages of ready-to-use mixes, such as consistent quality and quick and easy processing, are still a side-show for some developers, given the low labor costs and lack of warranty claims. “Although the Chinese government is trying to establish standards, it is falling short in terms of enforcing compliance and conducting inspections,” says Lars Nordblom head of Greater China Construction Polymers business team, who was seconded by WACKER to Shanghai where he has driven forward the expansion of Sales and Application Technology at Construction Polymers. The WACKER chemists therefore decided to rely entirely on their applications know-how and consulting expertise. They maintain close contacts with the mortar manufacturers, explaining the various systems and advantages to them. “Unlike the Europeans, the Chinese are very keen to experiment, and their unconventional approach quite often comes up trumps,” says Lars Nordblom.

A lab technician at the technical center in Brazil experiments with polymer-modified tile adhesive.

Despite regional differences, there are a number of similarities throughout the construction industry, whether in developing, emerging, or industrialized nations. Competition is generally fierce, cost pressures are high and local companies maintain extensive networks. “That is why it is important for us to develop a customized solution that meets the local needs of each market and also delivers an attractive price/performance ratio,” explains WACKER manager Christoph Riemer.

There is still a lot of potential in the dry-mix mortar market – and the WACKER team is well positioned to enhance construction technology all around the world.

“It is important to develop solutions tailored to local needs for every market.”

Dr. Christoph Riemer head of Construction Polymers business unit at WACKER