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Smart Gel

Silicone gel is widely used as an insulation material in electrical engineering. Scientists from WACKER and the University of Kassel now want to incorporate special, electrically active fillers to imbue it with partial conductivity – this would open up entirely new application fields.

Prof. Albert Claudi with his camera-equipped multicopter. He embedded the camera in silicone gel to absorb vibrations.

Anyone entering the coffee room of the Department of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering at the University of Kassel must be prepared to encounter a camera-equipped multicopter. Professor Albert Claudi, head of the department, sometimes sends his flying camera on test flights through his office door, into the coffee room, and back again. Claudi’s multicopter has an advantage over the standard mail-order drones that proud amateur gardeners use, for example, to record their horticultural art from up in the air: it takes pin-sharp photos. To make sure that the images aren’t blurred, the electrical engineer has embedded the camera in silicone gel, which absorbs shocks. Prof. Claudi has big plans for silicone gels – together with WACKER, he is working on developing the polymers and their technical properties.

“With a smart silicone gel, defects or irregular surfaces in electrical conductors would cause fewer problems in the future.”

Prof. Albert Claudi, University of Kassel