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An Achievement Of Olympic Proportions

The 72,800-square-meter canopy consists of steel cables suspended on 80-meter high pylons and a covering made of acrylic glass panels.

The rise of densely sintered porcelain stoneware tiles and their reduced porosity – and hence greater resistance to freezing – made polymer-containing tile adhesives like Ardurit X7G a necessity. Fritz and Kranz are of one opinion: “There’s no way you could lay these tiles with the old thick-bed technology.” The tiles would quickly detach from the floor or wall, they add, noting that polymer-modified tile adhesives are the only way to permanently bond these kinds of tiles.

“Thanks to the new technology and the new products used for the Olympic venues, my name quickly gained currency in technical circles after the games,” says Kranz. That was the beginning of an exceptionally successful career: trade organizations from all over Germany invited him to speak, Ardex promoted him to the position of technical manager for the tiles and screeds business, and he earned a degree in civil engineering while continuing to work. And he has served as an expert witness ever since retiring from Ardex – a role he continues to fill to this day.

“VAE copolymers in the mortar act as a second flexible binder in addition to the rigid cement.”

Dr. Peter Fritze Technical Service at Construction Polymers, WACKER POLYMERS

Adhesion that lasts for decades

The opening ceremony of the Munich Olympic Games on August 26, 1972. The Olympic Stadium with its curved polyacrylic glass roof was revolutionary at the time.

Many of the tiles laid in the early 1970s in the kitchens and bathrooms of the Olympic Village are still there – bonded in place as firmly as ever. What’s more, the pillars in the Olympic Stadium have coped with the large crowds attending events such as the 1974 World Cup, Bayern Munich soccer matches (who played there for many decades), and Rolling Stones concerts (which have been held there seven times to date).