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Just Wipe

As a marketing manager, Martin Schierhorn knows that paint manufacturers, first and foremost, demand additives that allow easy surface cleaning and can be additionally processed into environmentally friendly, odorless paints and, not least, are easy to apply. In numerous lab tests, it was possible to show that the dispersion not only makes it possible to formulate easy-to-clean interior wall paints, but also offers advantages for exterior paints by eliminating “snail trails.” They occur when it rains shortly after the paint has been applied to the plaster, leaching out the emulsifier. Adding the new WACKER dispersion prevents the water-soluble salts in the paint from migrating to the surface and drying.

PRIMIS® SAF can also be used as a sole binder, e.g. for marble chip plasters. The polymer envelops the small, often multicolored quartz sand grains and protects them. From a distance, such a wall looks like marble, because the eye cannot distinguish the individual chips. Here, too, the new dispersion has a decisive advantage. It remains transparent when moist – as has been demonstrated in the WACKER lab by the developers.

“I would have liked to have had a wall paint like this when my children were small.”

Dr. Abdulmajid Hashemzadeh Research and Development Goals at WACKER POLYMERS

Conventional binders, on the other hand, turn white as water penetrates into the polymer matrix over time. PRIMIS® SAF 9000 contains only a small amount of water-soluble component, and therefore “water whitening” is avoided. Consequently, the colors retain their full brilliance, even when walls are subjected to rain for relatively long periods. And the protective coating adheres reliably, even when wet. PRIMIS® SAF 9000 is thus also suitable for surface treatment for “venetian plaster,” based on brightly colored lime paints. The added dispersion ensures that this high-quality finish is effectively protected against dirt pick-up and moisture.


“The protection of mineral surfaces against dirt pick-up is definitely a global trend in the construction and paint industry,” Dr. Martin Schierhorn is convinced. Less work and lower costs for maintenance and cleaning of mineral surfaces, as well as permanent improvements in optical appearance mean that the costs for the treatment quickly pay off. Whether for flooring or nursery walls: once a user has treated the surface with PRIMIS® SAF 9000 dispersions, they will only need to wipe it with a damp cloth from then on.