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Better Buildings with VINNAPAS®

China as a Growth Engine

The Mumbai technical center adapts WACKER products to the needs of the Indian market and customers there.

These capacities will allow WACKER to continue to satisfy global demand into the future. One of the most interesting markets for construction chemicals beside India is China, where there is now more construction activity than anywhere else in the world. According to a study by the Centre for European Union Small and Medium Enterprises, about a third of all the world’s new buildings are constructed in China. To achieve this, the country consumes about 55 percent of the cement produced globally – as a result, a residential area of some 1.8 billion square meters is being created per year.

“Despite the boom in demand around the globe, most countries are still working with traditional mortar systems. That means further growth potential for us, which we are exploiting as part of our global transformation strategy,” says Dr. Benjamin Rossbach, senior technical service manager at WACKER in Burghausen.

Locally-based WACKER chemists like Dr. Priti Pillay therefore make full use of their applications expertise and consultancy skills: “We maintain close contacts with local mortar manufacturers, and explain the systems and their advantages at regular workshops. We are beginning to notice that the product is winning over ever more customers.” WACKER also makes a point of letting its customers try out products for themselves: in cooperation with the “WACKER on Wheels” mobile lab, which currently is chiefly deployed in the Mumbai region, skilled manual workers can experience first-hand the qualities of modified dry mortar applications directly on site.

After all, whatever regional differences there may be, the construction industry is unanimous about one thing: a solution adapted to local needs, with an attractive price/performance and many obvious advantages, is now indispensable on modern mega construction sites.