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Better Buildings with VINNAPAS®

The shell of an apartment block, the interior and exterior walls of which are made of aerated concrete: blocks of this type of concrete are lightweight, easy to process and yet capable of bearing loads – which is precisely why they are popular in developing countries.

Through the combination of AAC blocks and polymer-modified dry-mix mortar, much less water is required on site – that makes construction work more environmentally friendly. Another ecological advantage is that since there is only a thin bed of mortar between the blocks, there are no major thermal bridges. “The building is well insulated against low temperatures by design,” says Dr. Pillay. Planners welcome the versatility of the material for indoor and outdoor walls and facades, not to mention for tiling and plastering.

Rising Demand


VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders and dispersions are continually optimized to improve the properties of dry-mix mortar:

Standard Features
VINNAPAS® standard products principally feature the following improved properties:

  • Adhesion to different kinds of substrates
  • Flexibility
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Neutral effect on rheology
  • Processability (e.g. long open time)

Special Features
VINNAPAS® specialty products go even further than our standard grades and optimize particular characteristics. They are divided into five product classes:

  • E for enhanced basic properties, such as adhesion and water resistance
  • H for improved water repellency
  • T for improved thixotropy
  • L for improved flow characteristics
  • F for improved liquefaction

Dispersible polymer powders from WACKER, as modifiers for dry-mix mortars, are popular in India: in 2015, WACKER POLYMERS’ sales there rose substantially. The Indian dry-mix-mortar market is growing by some 15 percent every year – the main reasons for this growth being skim-coat applications based on white cement. “Through applications such as block jointing mortar, WACKER is trying to increase the use of dispersible polymer powder by diversifying from white-cement applications to those involving gray cement,” explains Dr. Pillay from WACKER’s Mumbai technical center.

To meet rising demand, WACKER has therefore been continuously expanding VINNAPAS® capacity at all three of its production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA. In Nanjing, China, the production volume has more than doubled within three years. And in 2015, another spray dryer was installed at Burghausen; the new dryer can produce about a further 50,000 metric tons of dispersible polymer powder per year.