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Heat Shield for Cookware

A look inside Benasedo’s production facilities: headquartered in the Milan metropolitan area, the Benasedo company has been producing alkyd-based and polyester-based specialty resins for coatings and printing inks since 1959. Benasedo uses intermediates from WACKER SILICONES for modifying its organic resins.

Even greater heat resistance can be achieved in silicone resin coatings formulated with no organic component: if made with pigment fillers, these coatings can even withstand temperatures of over 650 °C for brief periods of time. This works best with silicone resins that have not been organically modified, such as those used in coatings for engine components. Because cookware and other household items are not subjected to the kind of punishment that pure silicone resin binders can take, these qualities – which also come at a higher price – are not absolutely necessary and wouldn’t be the first choice for the application either. “While maintaining excellent adhesion to a substrate, organosilicone resins allow us to adjust the properties of coatings to match the needs of a given application quite closely – and we can do that at competitive prices,” says Philipp Haas, WACKER’s marketing manager responsible for silicone resin intermediates.

“Water-based paints are increasingly in demand in markets where sensitivity to environmental issues is high.”

Dr. Tania Trombetta Technical Manager at Benasedo

Improved Properties

With a 75-strong workforce and an annual capacity of 25,000 metric tons, the Italian company numbers among the major players in its niche on the European market. Benasedo supplies well-known manufacturers of paints and coatings.

The Milan-based Benasedo company, one of Europe’s leading silicone resin producers, likes to use WACKER silicone resins for its modifiers – silicone polyesters that the Italian firm produces on the basis of organic resins. “Benasedo uses our intermediates to modify its organic polymers as a way of improving their properties,” says Göblmeier. These organically modified silicone resins are then sold to major European paints and coatings manufacturers, who use them as binders in their products.

The Italian resin producer has been working with WACKER for over ten years. “Our market is fairly demanding,” explains Dr. Tania Trombetta, technical manager at Benasedo. “The standards of quality are high, products need to be available quickly, and additional quantities sometimes have to be produced on short notice. WACKER has been providing us with reliable support for years. The silicone resin intermediates we produce,” Trombetta goes on to say, “are primarily used in coatings for cookware.” Other applications, of course, such as stoves, ovens and fire pits, benefit from WACKER products as well.