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The creation of a supply of mainly renewable energy sources is one of the 21st century's major challenges. In this respect, the sun and the wind play an essential role in a future energy mix. The key raw material for manufacturing solar cells is polysilicon – the purest material to permit large-scale production worldwide. Being an industrial-scale producer of hyperpure polysilicon since 1959 has made WACKER a pioneer in this growth market.

Setting a high standard of product quality and process sustainability, WACKER POLYSILICON is a major technology driver and leading supplier of high-purity polysilicon. Alongside solar technology, the semiconductor-electronics sector is another promising area in which polysilicon plays a vital role. There is thus an ever-growing worldwide demand for polysilicon. For this reason, WACKER is constantly expanding its production capacities. Hyperpure polysilicon gives our customers a crucial competitive edge throughout the solar supply chain and serves as a central starting point for added value in semiconductor electronics.

Production Sites

  • Germany: Burghausen, Nünchritz
  • USA: Charleston (Tennessee)


  • Polysilicon for solar cells
  • Polysilicon for electronics


  • Photovoltaics, semiconductor electronics


WACKER in Tennessee

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In April 2011, WACKER started construction work for the company’s integrated polysilicon production site, which will have an annual capacity of 20,000 metric tons. The new facility, to be based in Bradley County, Tennessee, is scheduled for start of production in mid-2015. WACKER POLYSILICON represents WACKER’s continuation to invest in the growing photovoltaic and solar energy industries.