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WACKER has started its activities in Turkey and its neighboring countries in 1993. Since then the fast developing area has been a focus region. Today, customers from many different industries use our high quality products and tailor made solutions for their business success.

High quality products and solutions

Among the most valued solutions are SILRES® silicone oil, ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber, SILRES® silicone resin, VINNAPAS® dispersible powders, POLYVIOL® polyvinyl acetate and VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate copolymers for the construction, textile and silicon rubber sectors.

Technical services and knowledge transfer

As your partner we offer intensive technical service through our Technical Centers and Laboratories. At the WACKER ACADEMY you have the opportunity to profit from our long and worldwide experience through specific trainings.

Local expertise close to you

To support you best with your business goals, we are where you are. Through our office in İstanbul and an extensive network of distributors we provide services close to you through local experts who know your specific markets and its needs.

How to Buy

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Further Information

For further information, visit our global website www.wacker.com


WACKER is a globally active company. For information about WACKER's worldwide operations, visit our global website (available in English, German and Chinese).

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