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Superior Chemistry for Carpet Backings

VINNAPAS® dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) meet all technical requirements made for carpet-backing applications. They are therefore suitable for tufted broadloom carpet and tile production, and for woven and needlefelt applications. In addition, VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions excel in terms of low odor, low emissions and flammability resistance.

In tufted broadloom carpet, VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions are used in precoats and secondary coatings for the following technical reasons:

  • Good filler load
  • Good penetration and fiber adhesion (bond strength)
  • Compatibility with formulation additives
  • Good thickener response
  • Good flame-retardant properties

In carpet tiles, VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions act as the precoat, where they offer the following advantages:

  • Desired stiffness and durability
  • Good plasticizer resistance
  • Good compatibility with other system components, e.g. PVC, bitumen
  • Low tendency to curl or "dome" after installation

VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions serve as the coating for woven carpets because they confer:

  • Cutting-edge stability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Hand/flexibility
  • Tuft bind flame-retardant properties


Find detailed information on VAE, its technology and applications, history and markets as well as mega-trends served by VAE on our detailed website in English language.


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