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Adriano Magalhães appointed as Managing Director of Wacker Química do Brasil

São Paulo, Nov 23, 2015

WACKER, the Munich based chemical group, recently appointed Adriano Magalhães as new Managing Director of its Brazilian subsidiary Wacker Química do Brasil Ltda. He succeeds Danilo Timich, who left the company earlier this year. In his new role, Adriano Magalhães will be spearheading the overall growth and profitability of WACKER within the region.

Adriano Magalhães has 18 years of experience in sales, business development, marketing and general management in the chemical industry. At BASF, Magalhães held leading positions and was responsible for the company’s regional strategy team Agro Feed & Food prior to his WACKER assignment. “I am happy to join the WACKER team in the region. Brazil is a key market for WACKER, which has been investing in expanding its capabilities here. Thus, I’m very excited to be on board for WACKER’s journey to success’’, Adriano Magalhães said, expressing his delight about the appointment. “I see WACKER as a strong organization powered by people with a strong and determined spirit. The opportunity to further develop WACKER’s business in the region is extremely exciting to me.”

WACKER in South America
WACKER has been supplying the Americas with basic chemicals since as early as the mid-1960s. To meet increasing sales demands in South America, WACKER set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Wacker Química do Brasil Ltda, in 1977. The company is located in Jandira, 35 km northwest of São Paulo. Today, besides sales and marketing, the approx. 21,000-m2 site houses its own production plant. It manufactures, among other products, silicone fluids and emulsions, as well as antifoaming agents, and polymer blends.

In 2003, a Technical Center for silicone applications opened at the Jandira site. Service labs for dispersible polymer powders followed in 2005. Focused on formulation development and implementing customer requirements, it serves as the South American hub for technical support as well as for individual assistance to local businesses. In 2013, the dedicated training facility, the so-called WACKER ACADEMY, was further expanded by adding a new training and practice room to promote the transfer of knowledge to local customers and business partners. Here, WACKER experts and regional industry specialists provide professional training on modern polymer and silicone chemistry and on selected industry applications, e.g. construction or cosmetics. Currently, Wacker Química has a working staff of more than 100 employees.


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