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Markets Southeast Asia

WACKER is a globally active company. Our products are present in countless everyday items. In Southeast Asia, we mainly supply customers in the following industries and markets:

Personal Care

Tissues, household and personal-care products have one thing in common: their commercial success hinges on using the right additives. We supply a broad range of suitable silicones, silicas and cyclodextrins for these areas.

Adhesives and Sealants

High-strength bonding used to be the preserve of polyurethanes and epoxy resins, but now we have developed a whole new class of products: hybrid polymers for flexible high-performance adhesives. This ecologically sound alternative withstands vibrations that would cause many conventional adhesives to fail.


Whether you aim to keep existing values or create new ones: We offer the construction industry world-leading solutions for insulation, water proofing, adhesion, and decorative finishes. As a global market leader in polymeric binders and one of the world's major silicone manufacturers, we can meet the precise needs of your company.


WACKER is a leading global silicones producer and has an extensive portfolio of solutions to suit your textile-processing needs. Our products create a wide range of effects such as softness, hydrophilicity, elasticity, color retention and odor control.

Chemical Industry

WACKER offers a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals that will optimize the products and processes found throughout industry – and at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Elastomers & Plastics

Silicone elastomers are used wherever sealing, damping or insulating needs to be done. As you can imagine, we have a vast range of ready-to-use products in our program – whether you need high-temperature-resistant semiconductor encapsulants or ulltra-pure silicone rubbers for wound care.

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WACKER is a globally active company. For information about WACKER's worldwide operations, visit our global website (available in English, German and Chinese).

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