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WACKER MYLAB – Your mobile lab in Almaty


Will the tile adhesive loosen or crack under the influence of rapidly changing temperatures and water immersion? Will the render protect the masonry, or in fact promote molding? These, and other issues, are fundamental to the quality of a building, its living conditions, and sometimes even its safety.

Creating Local Solutions
These questions must be answered locally, because what works in Berlin or Moscow will not necessarily work in Almaty,due to differences in architectural traditions, natural resources and climate. That is why, working with Interchim, our distribution partner, we have installed a mobile laboratory as a technical center right here in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Building Affordable Quality
Our experts at WACKER MYLAB help you find the best solution using local raw materials, by optimizing the formulation of construction materials.

Making Construction Safer
At MYLAB, we test your formulations and construction materials to ensure that they comply with the highest national and international standards.


Your Contact at Interhim:

ИнтерХим ЛТД
050016 Казахстан, Алматы
ул.Панфилова 32-41
Тел. + 7 727 279 62 82



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