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WACKER in Russia & CIS

With the largest territory in the world, covering 21 mln. km2, 12 time zones, wide range of environments, landforms and climatic zones Russia and the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are focus countries for WACKER – technology leader in the chemical and electrochemical industries and innovative global partner for customers in key sectors worldwide.

At WACKER’s regional offices in the economic metropolises of Moscow and Kiev, and in the Moscow technical center and WACKER ACADEMY, focused specialists support our customers and partners from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Together with our customers, we coordinate relevant sales and marketing activities locally.

As pacesetter and solution provider, our teams provide individualized support for all application-related questions and for almost all key industries. The main focus is on market-oriented research, development, production and support for new products – especially for the automotive & transport, construction, coatings & adhesives, consumer care, elastomers, plastics & composites, energy, electrical engineering & electronics, and life science & pharma industries.

We are constantly expanding our products and services at the Moscow Technical Center with the focus on construction markets. The latest development is the opening of WACKER ACADEMY branch in Moscow.

WACKER ACADEMY is a Training & Competence Center of new type. It offers a unique opportunity to translate the fundamentals directly into practical experiments, thus linking theory and practice. It gives experts the chance to meet and exchange notes, paving the way for new ideas. It builds bridges between continents: we learn from our various sites how know-how is applied in other countries, cultures and markets. And finally, it provides a gateway to interdisciplinary activities through which industries and specialist areas from different strands of chemistry can provide mutual inspiration.

WACKER ACADEMY’s seminars have not been created simply as paper exercises. They are specially tailored for our customers and strategic partners and stem from 100 years of experience in the marketplace.

Hyperpure silicon wafers, polysilicon, silicones, polymers and fine chemicals – our products and technology enable and accelerate improvements in every area of daily life in the CIS countries.


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