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Building Blocks for Organic Synthesis

At a Glance

Based on the four core technologies of selective chlorination, ketene chemistry, organometallic reactions and silane chemistry, WACKER produces a wide range of fine chemicals and building block for synthesis. Our main product groups include ketones, esters, organic chlorine compounds, heterocyclic compounds and silanes. The main applications for these products are in the field of life sciences, but also in other industrial compounds. WACKER’s portfolio of building blocks for organic synthesis also includes biotech products in addition to the fine chemicals derived from classical chemical manufacturing processes. Particularly important biotech products are the amino acids L-cystine und L-cysteine. Cystine and cysteine from WACKER are produced from purely plant-based raw materials by a patented fermentation process and are available as extremely pure grades (see also Cysteine product group).

Building blocks for synthesis are needed to synthesize pharmaceutical active ingredients, agrochemicals and performance chemicals, such as catalysts and stabilizers.

Silanes can be used as protective groups or for chromatography applications.

L-Cystine is employed in the manufacture of expectorants such as N-acetylcysteine and S-carboxymethylcysteine.