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Polymer Resins

At a Glance

WACKER manufactures polymer resins as vinyl chloride copolymers and terpolymers and as poly(vinyl acetates). Thermoplastic poly(vinyl acetates) (PVAc) are marketed under the trade names VINNAPAS® and VINNAPERL®, the vinyl chloride copolymers and terpolymers under the trade name VINNOL®.

Poly(vinyl acetates) as solid resins are homogeneous, colorless, odorless and tasteless resins that pose no known physiological risks. VINNAPAS® and VINNAPERL® polymer resins are produced with different molecular weights that may lead to different solution viscosities. Along with the homopolymers VINNAPAS® B and UW grades, WACKER also produces carboxylated and alkylated copolymers. WACKER produces VINNAPAS® polymer resins primarily at the Burghausen site and more recently in Nanjing.

VINNOL® surface coating resins are copolymers and terpolymers of vinyl chloride with a wide range of industrial applications. The main constituents of these polymers are different compositions of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. VC copolymers do not contain any other functional groups. The terpolymers of the VINNOL® product range additionally include carboxyl or hydroxyl groups.

All VINNAPAS® polymer resin grades (B, C, UW and VL) produce transparent films with excellent adhesion and high gloss. That applies in particular for the low-viscosity B grades, which are preferably used in adhesives and as low-profile additives in the production of polymer composites, in particular for the automotive industry. Paints and impregnants modified with VINNAPAS® solid resins offer excellent oil and grease resistance, low water-vapor permeability, good aging resistance and high abrasion resistance. All VINNAPAS®, grades are distinguished by their excellent light stability.

VINNOL® surface-coating resins with carboxyl groups are impressive for their excellent adhesion, particularly to metal substrates, and also offer significantly improved adhesion properties to mineral substrates.

VINNOL® surface-coating resins that contain hydroxyl groups are ideal for the manufacture of catalyzed surface coating systems, for example baking finishes and furniture varnishes. Desirable product properties can be selectively modified by the right choice of reactant.

VINNOL® surface coating resins are preferably used to confer flexibility on coating systems subjected to stretching. They are also used to lower the sealing temperature of heat-sealable coatings.

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