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Advantages at a Glance:

Salt from the Stetten Salt Mine is characterized by consistent product quality and reliable delivery. The naturally high purity of our rock salt, with a sodium chloride content of 92 to 94 percent, offers the best prerequisites for product quality. Another natural and very advantageous feature is the very low content of heavy metals, the minimum water content of the salt – both for the further processing by chloralkali electrolysis and for storage and subsequent use. The sodium chloride content can be increased to over 99 percent by modern sorting processes. Salt from WACKER is available as STETTEN SALT for different applications, and features certified product quality as per EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. Some product grades also conform to specific guidelines such as the QA standards for animal feed products. The 120,000 square meter grounds offer 200,000 metric tons of storage capacity underground and in decentralized outdoor facilities. Some 11,000 metric tons of salt is mined here daily, and an average of 500,000 metric tons of salt per year is produced.

STETTEN SALT is mined by state-of-the-art technology according to the "room-and-pillar" method. Only about 35 percent of the deposit is actually removed, the rest remains untouched. All the processes of extraction and treatment through to the product ready for sale take place underground. That permits high flexibility with maximum cost efficiency. The Stetten Salt Mine supplies highly pure products for the applications:

Road de-icing/winter road maintenance
Various industrial applications
Various industrial applications
For greater efficiency and reduced salt deployment
STETTEN SALT Brine, partly and highly saturated
For greater efficiency and reduced salt deployment
Pet Food
STETTEN SALT Individual feed supplement
Animal feed supplement STETTEN Natural salt lick stones

STETTEN SALT contains a very high natural sodium content of 92-94% but only small mounts of heavy metals and water. Sorting processes can increase the sodium chloride content to over 99%.

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