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Structural formula
Clear, colourless, mobile liquid with a pleasant, ketone-like odour
Typical general characteristics
Property Inspection Method Value
The figures are intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.
Boiling point EU-GL.A.2 139.5 °C
Density at 20 °C EU-GL.A.3 0.9732 g/cm³
Flash point DIN 51755 34 °C
Ignition temperature (liquids) EU-GL.A.15 383 °C
Lower explosion limit Lit. 1.7 Vol-%
Melting point EG-RL.A.1 -47.5 - -17.6 °C
Solubility in water at 20 °C OECD 105 154.5 g/l
Upper explosion limit 11.4 Vol-% 20 °C
Vapour pressure at 20 °C OECD 104 7.9 hPa
pH at 22 °C 3.2
Specification data
Property Inspection Method Value
Colour index DIN ISO 6271 max. 20.0
Water KF max. 0.1 %
Acetic acid GC max. 0.05 %
Unknown impurities GC max. 0.1 %
Content GC 99.5 %


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