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V is for Versatile: VINNOL® for heat-sealable coatings

Heat-sealed closure systems are often the best choice for packaging food or pharmaceuticals. Depending on the specific sealing system, heat-sealable coatings must fulfill various application needs. The VINNOL® resin portfolio enables you to control these product and process requirements.

Key Advantages of VINNOL®

  • Outstanding water and chemical resistance
  • Low odor and taste-free
  • Excellent solubility and ease of processing
  • Wide range of formulations
  • High corrosion resistance of coatings
  • High durability and permanent flexibility
  • Superior abrasion resistance

Suitable for Food Packaging

Many VINNOL® resin grades can be used for applications compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 as well as European Food Contact Regulations.

* Combined with e.g. acrylic resins or acrylic-olefin dispersions