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VINNAPAS® Adhesives

Dispersions for Future-proof Waterborne Adhesives.

Over 50 years ago, WACKER set a new standard on the market with VAE dispersions. Now WACKER is one of the market’s leading supplier of dispersions for vinyl-based waterborne adhesives. If there is one thing that describes WACKER today, it is ‘future-focused’. The adhesive formulation industry and the manufacturing industries it supplies are changing at a breakneck pace. This requires us to continuously develop and revise our product range to reflect present and future market needs, the foremost of which are a greater cost/performance ratio, efficiency, flexibility and compliance with consumer health and environmental concerns.

WACKER’s polymers business line for adhesives specializes in dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene co- and terpolymers (VAE) and polyvinyl acetate homopolymers (PVAc).

In adhesives, VINNAPAS® PVAc dispersions provide:

  • Good overall properties meeting the requirements of either D2 or D3 EN 204 standards
  • Excellent heat resistance and resistance to static load
  • Fast setting speed

In addition, VINNAPAS® PVAc grades are available that were developed especially for high-end applications. They offer even further enhanced properties, and additional characteristics such as:

PVAc Technology

  • High performance meeting the requirements of D3 or D4 according to DIN EN 204
  • High solids content and high viscosity of up to 30,000 mPa·s

PVAc with integrated DPX technology

  • No hardener required
  • pH of 5-6
  • Ultra-low formaldehyde level of < 5 ppm
  • Discoloration-free

In adhesives, VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions provide:

  • Broad adhesion and heat-resistance spectrum
  • Bonding on a wide range of different substrates
  • High setting speed
  • High wet tack
  • Reliable clean machinability
  • Broad formulation latitude

In addition, VINNAPAS® VAE grades are also available that were developed especially for high-end applications. They offer even further enhanced properties, and additional characteristics such as:

  • High solids with an excellent balance of adhesion and cohesion
  • Excellent adhesion on low-energy substrates like PET, PS or others
  • Low-temperature flexibility due to low Tg (e.g. -15 °C)
  • Excellent adhesion promotion due to very low Tg (e.g. -35 °C)
  • Excellent nozzle compatibility
  • Improved initial strength in combination with PU dispersions

The principal applications are adhesives for:

  • Paper and packaging
  • Wood and wood-based materials
  • Flooring (wood, PVC, rubber, linoleum, polyolefin, cork and textiles) and construction adhesives
  • Automotive
  • Pressure-sensitive paper labels


  • Higher performance: balance of heat resistance and adhesion on difficult-to-bond surfaces
  • Productivity improvement
  • Mileage improvement
  • Flexibility in production
  • Compliance with consumer health and environmental concerns


Make the Move to VAE

VAE technology is the cornerstone for success in the market – today and tomorrow.

WACKER is GEV member


VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions for flooring applications support our customers to comply with regulations and labels such as EMICODE®.

Introducing VINNAPAS® EP 8010

Make the move to the best-performing VAE on the market.