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Exceptional Advantages of VAE

Only those who do not rest on their laurels go on to greater achievements. The pioneering VAE (vinyl acetate-ethylene) technology is still being developed continuously to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for your application. Discover the benefits of VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions and dispersible powders for your specific application.

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Adhesives:

  • Broad adhesion and heat-resistance range
  • Bonding to a wide range of different substrates
  • Fast setting and wet tack
  • Broad formulation latitude
  • Reliable, clean machinability

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Architectural Coatings:

  • No plasticizers or additional solvents needed
  • Allows the formulation of low-VOC and low-odor paints
  • Easy applicability and workability, e.g. long open time
  • Excellent scrub resistance and good hiding characteristics
  • Excellent gloss and blocking behavior

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Carpet Applications:

  • The right balance of bonding strength, flexibility and hand
  • Readily compounded
  • Runs well on carpet machines: smooth coating, good line speed/drying
  • Raw materials not reliant on oil: more cost-effective and more stable pricing
  • Less combustible

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Caulk & Sealant Applications:

  • High filler acceptance
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates (e.g. concrete, metal, wood, plastics)
  • Low odor, low VOC, low formaldehyde, low emissions
  • No surfactants containing APEO are used in the development of our dispersions
  • Internally plasticized
  • Paintable
  • Improved ease of application and cleaning
  • Very good cost-performance ratio

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Construction Applications:

  • Adhesion to different substrates
  • Flexibility, e.g. for greater elongation or crack-bridging
  • Workability, e.g. smooth and easy to apply, longer open time
  • Water resistance and lower water uptake
  • Durability, e.g. high color stability

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Nonwovens & Technical Textiles:

  • Versatility to create products from numerous fiber components
  • Lasting resistance to abrasion, flame, washing and moisture
  • Capable of controlling absorbency, hand, and tensile strength in a variety of applications
  • Safety-approved for food contact
  • Unparalleled degree of technical, research-related and customer support provided by WACKER

Advantages of VINNAPAS® VAE in Paper Applications:

  • Good printability:
    • Surface smoothness
    • Ink receptivity
    • Brightness
    • Gloss opacity
  • As the raw materials are not reliant on oil, they are more cost-effective and prices are more stable
  • Good glue receptivity for paperboard packaging

Advantages at a Glance – And How You Benefit from Them

VAE dispersions and dispersible powders are copolymers produced by emulsion polymerization of the polar monomer vinyl acetate and the hydrophobic monomer ethylene. The dispersions are either sold directly to the market or spray-dried to manufacture dispersible polymer powders. The optimum combination of the two monomers in VAE copolymers provides several advantages:

  • Perfect adhesion and cohesion. More specifically, adhesion to critical substrates such as wood, plastics or polystyrene is improved.
  • As polyethylene has a very low Tg, ethylene functions as an internal plasticizer in the copolymer. Consequently, flexibility can easily be engineered without the need to add plasticizers.
  • Due to hydroplastification, no additional coalescing agents are needed for perfect low-temperature film forming. At the same time, the glass transition temperature can be adjusted from high to low to meet specific needs.
  • It has been known for decades that homopolymers
    such as poly(vinyl acetate) and polyethylene comply with food-contact regulations.
  • Volatile organics and biocides are continuously optimized as part of ongoing technology improvements.
  • Dispersions are manufactured by emulsion polymerization in aqueous milieu, without solvent addition.
  • All modern dispersions are produced without added APEOs.
  • No heavy metals or other dangerous substances such as aromatic hydrocarbons and formaldehyde are added.
  • The spray-drying process for producing dispersible polymer powders is a purely physical process and compliant with food-contact regulations.
  • VAE can be sourced from renewable feedstocks.
  • With a view to determining the environmental impact of our products, WACKER developed the ECOWHEEL®, which is designed to evaluate the impact of the end product and its constituent components on the environment.

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