SILPURAN® - Wacker Chemie AG


Pure Silicones for your future

SILPURAN® products are high-quality silicone rubber compounds that comply with the strict requirements of the health care sector. All products are tested according to selected ISO 10993 tests and USP class VI, and thus also fulfill the health care sector's high safety standards.

SILPURAN®silicone elastomers include HTV solid- and liquid silicone rubbers, as well as RTV-1 and RTV-2 grades.

SILPURAN®products are strongly resistant to heat and radiation, permeable to steam and gas, reliable, biocompatible, and considered harmless when used as intended. They can also be specially tailored on customer demand: at any stage from material development to customizing, right through to intensive laboratory trials.

Thanks to these properties, SILPURAN® is ideal for a wide variety of extremely demanding medical applications, e.g. plasters and gels for treating wounds, orthopedic products, seals for disposable syringes and dialysis machines, medical tubing for respirators, stoppers for injection vials, as well as anesthetic masks and catheter bags.