SILMIX® - Wacker Chemie AG


Compounded Excellence

The SILMIX® brand name covers a range of high-quality, ready-to-process silicone rubber grades. SILMIX® products are developed in the WACKER lab precisely to individual customer requirements, compounded and delivered ready to use. SILMIX® products provide a direct and reliable way of manufacturing a wide range of silicone rubber articles by the conventional shaping processes of compression and transfer molding, injection molding and extrusion – while minimizing production outlay and time consumption.

SILMIX® products are HTV solid silicone rubber grades (high-consistency rubber, “HCR”) that vulcanize at high temperatures.

WACKER has SILMIX® sites in the NAFTA, European and Asian regions. They provide a highly flexible, regionally specific orientation to local requirements and needs, while also meeting WACKER's high quality standards.

Because of their outstanding properties, SILMIX® products are used in a variety of industrial applications – such as automotive and mechanical engineering, the cable industry, textiles, household appliances and consumer articles.


SILMIX® products are compounded to individual customer requirements, and, for example, are designated as follows:

SILMIX® R MR FR 40023 L7-0 C1 7040
SILMIX® R CG 703030 L8-0 E 9017
SILMIX® R plus GS 40300 L7-0