Brands - Wacker Chemie AG


WACKER’s brands and products are used in countless everyday items ranging from diving masks to solar cells.

GENIOPERL® nanoscale silicone particles impart silicone properties to selected target systems even when added in very small amounts, thus improving the performance of materials such as adhesives and composites...


GENIOPLAST® is a silicone-based performance additive that is primarily used in the plastics industry, as it is universally compatible with all thermoplastics and optimizes processing and surface properties...


GENIOSIL® silanes and special silanes contain a methylene bridge that allows them to connect organic polymers and inorganic materials, e.g. in adhesives, sealants, coatings and composites...


HDK® pyrogenic silica is exceptionally pure and improves applications and formulations in almost all key industries...


HTEssence® is a nature-identical hydroxytyrosol functioning as a highly active antioxidant in the body.


The LUMISIL® product line comprises high-performance optical-grade silicones for LED manufacturers with high requirements.




Hyperpure polysilicon is an essential raw material to these industries. WACKER was an early pioneer of this exceptionally pure material and is currently one of its leading producers worldwide.


POWERSIL® silicones are impressive as silicone-based rubber compounds, pastes and transformer fluids for all applications in the transmission and distribution industry – they ensure high product quality, reliability and safety...


POWERSOFT® products are highly concentrated, highly effective building blocks that lead to optimal results in the textile industry’s modern softener formulations...


PRIMIS® comprises binders for advanced high-value paints and architectural coatings with outstanding performance.


PULPSIL® provides pulp and paper manufacturers with efficient pulp defoamers for optimizing their various process steps and product quality. PULPSIL® silicones not only control foam but also speed up dewatering and improve pulp washing...