PULPSIL® - Wacker Chemie AG


Powerful Defoamers that are Cost-Effective and Efficient

PULPSIL® antifoam agents provide pulp and paper manufacturers with efficient pulp defoamers for optimizing the various process steps and product quality. PULPSIL®silicones not only control foam but also speed up dewatering and improve pulp washing. PULPSIL®silicones can thereby form part of a more profitable and environmentally friendly pulp manufacture – they increase production capacities, reduce water and energy consumption, reduce the amount of bleaching chemicals and improve pulp quality.

PULPSIL®products are silicone-based defoamers. PULPSIL® can be used in the foam-intensive processes in brown-liquor washing, bleaching and the wastewater from pulping plants to control foaming and increase production capacity, improve pulp quality and reduce the consumption of bleaching chemicals as well as water and energy consumption.